How Cleaning Should Work in the Hybrid Office Model

How Cleaning Should Work in the Hybrid Office Model

In a hybrid workspace, facilities experience a constant movement of workers arriving and departing on various timetables. Employees often come to the office for collaborative work, which means more utilization of meeting spaces.

Due to all of these changes, facility managers and business owners will need to reassess their cleaning procedures to regain the trust of their staff.

Employees didn't place much emphasis on cleaning practices pre-Covid. However, recent research by the Cleaning Coalition of America (CCA) revealed that 66 percent of American workers now find them exceedingly important.

Here is how you can implement cleaning schedules in a hybrid office model.

Bring in Cleaning Stations

Start by strategically installing cleaning stations with all the necessary hygiene supplies, including sanitizers and masks. It establishes a foundation for directing everyone entering the workplace and emphasizes the necessary cleaning tasks at different workstations throughout your company's facilities.

Such cleaning procedures can be appropriately adapted to hybrid workplace structures that enable employees to work in person or remotely. A cleaning station would be the initial point of contact when reporting to a workplace and being familiar with the cleaning schedule needs, such as what cleaning agents to use, among others.

Integrate Cleaning and Workplace Schedule

You can optimize the cleaning schedule and office operations by considering the flexibility of the hybrid workplace idea. For team members to work comfortably, it ensures that all workstation areas are carefully cleaned and kept organized at all times.

Additionally, cleaners can schedule visits to workstations for a quick dusting without interfering with your company's operations. They can collaborate with your staff to arrange for the cleaning of work areas, floors, and other equipment or facilities.

Implement Hygiene and Cleaning Policies

It's no secret that COVID-19 limitations have altered public perceptions of workplace cleanliness and hygiene. To prevent illness, you might encourage your staff to work from home.

You can also create cleaning and hygiene policies, such as utilizing sanitizers at work to reduce the likelihood of team members getting sick. You can use the cleaning schedule as a guide to manage workplace safety and ensure everyone takes the initiative to keep the workplace clean.

Supervise Cleaning Procedures

You can incorporate a cleaning schedule in your management system to make sure that your hybrid workplace model complies with your cleaning standard, just as how you monitor the productivity of your team members.

Create cleaning checklists, highlight trouble spots, go over cleaning supplies and techniques, and urge cleaners to submit reports after the task is over. Moreover, you can appoint members of your team to evaluate the cleanliness of your hybrid workplace and give them.

Utilize Technological Solutions

Every aspect of life is being affected by technological developments in how goods and services are supplied. Cleaning service providers are gradually embracing new strategies to guarantee that their clients' workplaces are immaculate by leveraging tech cleaning solutions. For instance, you can share the cleaning schedule set for the entire year via cell phones, enabling your staff to arrange their workflow using a digital cleaning calendar.

Additionally, you can set reminders to remind your cleaning staff to perform the necessary tasks and share cleaning schedule templates online with your team members for better planning. In light of the nature of the hybrid workplace model, it saves time and money.

Involve Team Members

Develop a training plan to inform your employees of the impending cleaning schedules for your hybrid workplace. Everyone engaged needs to know the current cleaning schedule and what the management demands. Your team members and the service providers must work together to implement a cleaning plan.

A knowledgeable workforce can also simplify the process of putting such schedules into action. You can also implement a team member reward system to motivate everyone to take cleaning and hygiene seriously.

Setting up a cleaning plan is the first step in building a welcoming workplace. It allows you to schedule time management, cleaning supplies, and equipment. Additionally, you must accommodate your hybrid workplace model and make sure that the cleaning is done in a way that doesn't interfere with the smooth operation of your company.

However, devising a cleaning strategy can become difficult in a fast- pace business environment. That is when delegating your office cleaning to a professional cleaning company can be a good option!

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Our experienced cleaning teams employ specialized cleaning supplies and cutting-edge technology to keep your premises constantly clean and hygienic while assisting in the prevention of microbial infection. This provides further reassurances to returning colleagues, clients, and visitors.

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