How to Clean the Exterior of Your Office

How to Clean the Exterior of Your Office

As a business owner, you have to maintain a sanitary working environment. Every person entering your premises will base their first impression of your business on the appearance of your building, regardless of whether they are a prospective client, a job applicant, an inspector, a loyal customer, or a business contact. And we all know that first impressions matter!

Hence, you cannot afford for dust, grime, and waste to accumulate on your business premises and harm your stakeholders' impression.

While most business owners concentrate on keeping beautiful interior decor, they frequently overlook external maintenance.

Here are a few external office cleaning tips that will also ensure that your office space looks stunning from the outside.

1. Take the Trash Out

A commercial facility with garbage cans outside, all full of trash and begging for attention, can be a great turn-off for many consumers. As a responsible business owner, you must ensure that the trash is cleaned up in the front, side, and back areas of your commercial property.

If all your customers see outside is a mess of Coke cans, plastic bags, and rotten food containers, they won't be interested in looking inside your building.

You must maintain a clean environment even though these items do not belong to your company or your employees. You should consider setting up proper garbage removal services in such a situation.

2. Take Care of Pollen and Fallen Leaves

During the spring, yellow pollen particles can be found everywhere. These can cling to the building's windows and doors exteriors. Your building's outside appearance is not the only thing this yellow pollen may affect.

Everyone's health may be impacted, particularly those who are pollen sensitive. Make sure they are taken out as soon as you can.

Also ensure to pick up the leaves that have fallen when autumn arrives. Never let these build up, as you will eventually find more mud and dirt deposits in addition to the falling leaves.

3. Place Cigarette Disposal Containers

There is a high possibility that you will find cigarette butts everywhere if your company is situated in an area where it is illegal to litter with cigarettes. Since cigarette butts contain so many chemicals, they are regrettably not just fire dangers but also environmental pollutants.

As a result, it would be a wise idea to place some cigarette butt disposal containers next to your entrance or along the walkway where your clients are more likely to throw them.

4. Look Out for Animal Waste

Nothing will drive customers from your office like an animal waste. Make sure no animal wastes or feces are lying around in your place of business to make it welcoming to customers.

Having someone routinely examine the cleanliness of your building's outside would be a good idea, even if this is something that infrequently occurs in commercial locations. This will ensure that any animal excrement found in the walkway and concrete surfaces close to your entry is immediately cleaned up.

5. Foot Traffic

Foot traffic is another factor that can make walkways dirty. Sadly, foot traffic can also bring dirt and other debris, which will make your interiors appear dirty.

You need to take immediate action before the muck or dust on your building's outside builds up and makes the area unsafe for people to walk on. You wouldn't want your dirty walkways to turn away potential customers.

Business owners need to have a plan to manage excessive foot traffic. In this way, even during busy times, you can always count on the entrance and the exterior of your company premises to be clean.

6. Ensure Regular Window Washing

While most business owners prioritize routine maintenance of their office interiors, they frequently forget to clean the windows. Windows gather dirt and debris over time, which makes them appear lackluster and unappealing.

A dirty window not only makes employees appear unprofessional but can cause serious health problems like asthma, dust allergies, and respiratory issues.

Window cleaning could call for some skill. This is especially true if your business has many windows installed on different floors.

Cleaning the windows is equivalent to allowing potential clients to have a peek inside your tastefully decorated interior and at the goods and services you are providing.

Hire Professional Cleaning Services for A Shinier, Sparkling Office

Keeping up with the exterior of a business is a lot of effort for a business owner. Instead of focusing solely on the work at hand, consider hiring a professional cleaning company like Helping Hands Commercial Cleaning!

Our office cleaning services in Addison, IL, have a team of youthful, energetic, and talented cleaners who provide exceptional commercial cleaning. We utilize top-of-the-line instruments that can eliminate dust mites, allergies, dust, and dirt and give your business premises a lint-free shine.


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