How to Clean the Office Break Room

How to Clean the Office Break Room

Company break rooms are popular areas for employees to rest and recharge. They can adjust to every situation, including office get-togethers, after-hours socials, unofficial meetings, and peaceful solo work. But since it is a multipurpose area, it often becomes very dirty.

Frequently touched surfaces in your breakrooms can be particularly contaminated; according to a recent study, the handles of the coffee pots in the break room had 34 times more bacteria than the toilet seats in schools!

Simple break room cleaning and sanitation procedures will go a long way toward enhancing employee morale, lowering germ counts, and lowering the risk of sickness.

Here are some of the best cleaning and disinfecting methods for some common areas in your breakroom.


Every good-looking, attractive office sofa will attract germs. No matter how meticulously your crew eats lunch on a couch, some food will inevitably escape. Additionally, we have observed arm rests on fabric sofas becoming grubby and sticky and spills leaving marks.

So, here’s how you should handle cleaning the workplace sofa.

Start by dusting off the crumbs and remove the detachable cushions, shaking and patting them. Give the frame and cushions a once-over with a vacuum attachment, paying close attention to the corners if they're particularly dusty and filthy.

Try a baking soda method if the fabric is stained or sticky (jam, we're looking at you). Dust the cloth with baking soda and let it sit for 30 minutes. Next, scrub and suction the baking soda - and the sticky patchers - away with your vacuum's brush attachment.

However, deep staining will require a little more effort. Depending on the fabric, an on-the-spot upholstery cleaner mixed with vinegar, soap, and warm water could help remove the worst of a stain.

Wooden Tables, Chairs, and Benches

Wooden benches, lunch tables, and chairs are a recent trend in office break rooms. This is quite understandable since wood has a warmth and softness that flat-pack and metal furniture cannot match. And, of course, hardwood furniture is appealing to the eye!

But that nice hardwood table (and the benches and chairs serving as seats) will see a lot of spills in a short time, with eight active individuals eating lunch together. Also, greasy and sticky food shouldn't be placed on wood. Wood is porous, so anything spilled on it can gradually soak in deeply, unlike laminated wipe-clean surfaces.

 You would first wipe off all the dust and crumbs with a clean, dry cloth before dabbing on a 50/50 solution of warm water and vinegar with a sponge to prevent greasy, grimy marks from being left on the wood.

You only want to use the acid in the vinegar to wipe out grease and sticky places, as vigorous scrubbing and scouring can harm the wood. But to get inside crevices, you may use a gentle toothbrush.

It can require some passes to completely clear, but once you're done, rinse the vinegar away with clean water and a clean cloth. Then, dry the cleansed surfaces as soon as you can. Plus, vinegar also serves as a disinfectant!


Although it may seem like a break room with lots of food would be better off with hard surfaces, we prefer carpets because they are cozier. Carpets feel more comfortable underfoot and help with insulation and noise absorption. The only issue is removing spillage and food that has been trampled.

You can also use the baking soda method to treat minor spills and patches. Sprinkle baking soda over troubled areas and let it sit until it takes effect. Then, start using the vacuum cleaner to clear it up. 

However, the baking soda technique is insufficient for many stains, especially old and well-established ones. And the type of carpet you have will determine if it works

Our office carpet cleaning uses can assist you with this as we use expert equipment that restores carpets to their optimum condition even after they have experienced a fair amount of food spills.

Other Areas

We've seen some well-equipped break rooms with ping pong, table football, and even gaming consoles.

All these objects collect dust and become greasy or sticky when they come in contact with food. Additionally, be sure to give light switches, blind controls, and TV remotes a thorough cleaning since there are likely to have been lots of sticky fingers on them.

Your employees will appreciate you for creating a lovely break room if you take the time to remember all the little things, such as dusting the light shades and clearing the cobwebs from the corners of the ceiling.

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