How to Clean Your Office Cafeteria

How to Clean Your Office Cafeteria

The space where your team eats and takes breaks is one of the most crucial areas in any organization. Kitchens and break rooms are heavily used and are essential for keeping workers happy and energized throughout the workday. They should be kept so that people can eat in them.

However, a dirty workplace can make anyone feel uneasy. In the worst instance, a dirty cafeteria might actually spread bacteria and foodborne illnesses.

Cleaning your cafeteria can help you save money by preventing unforeseen costs like exterminators (if mice or other vermin decide your office is their new cafeteria!) or even pricey repairs because of shoddy upkeep.

The following tips can help you keep your cafeteria clean, have happier employees, and reduce germs and dirt in the office.

1. Set up a Kitchen Cleaning Policy

A crucial first step you can take to keep your workplace kitchen cleaner is to establish a culture of food safety and cleanliness.

At first, persuading employees to depart from their usual practices could seem challenging. But putting in place a kitchen policy may ensure that everyone is on the same page. For instance, an office microwave policy might advise staff to clean up spills as soon as they happen, but it might be excessive to outright prohibit "messy" dishes from being heated in the microwave.

You can include anything in a kitchen policy, but it's important to make sure the rules are simple to understand and not overly restrictive.

2. Place Signs in the Cafeteria

Once you have set an office kitchen policy, it is a good idea to post notices in the appropriate spots. For instance, make sure you display a sign right on or next to the fridge if you want employees to constantly label their food for the office fridge or to be aware of expiration dates.

Post notices on the kitchen door or directly above the sink to remind employees to always wash their hands before and after eating.

Giving employees a small reminder to act morally can be made easier by posting a clear sign with large-sized text.

3. Always Wipe Up Spills

Spills should be cleaned immediately to prevent stains on carpets and floors and keep your office looking tidy.

Some office cafeterias or break rooms have carpets rather than tile or have carpet in some areas and tile in others. Tiles are quite simple to sanitize and clean. Carpets, though, can be a little more difficult. They have not only the potential for ugly stains but also terrible microorganisms.

The spread of germs and the odor and staining of your flooring can be prevented by ensuring you and your staff clean spills as soon as they happen and maintain carpets and tiles properly sanitized.

4. Keep Cleaning Supplies

It is difficult for employees to clean their dishes or clean up spills if proper cleaning supplies are unavailable!

Keeping basic cleaning products available makes it easier for staff to maintain a clean kitchen. Consider having napkins, paper towels, or cleaning cloths within reach to wipe up spills. You should have a supply of wipes available if anything needs to be cleaned.

People will be able to empty any containers that get too full during the day with the help of extra trash bags.

5. Maintain Trash Bins

Is the trash can in your workplace kitchen constantly full? Or perhaps you have to touch the trash bin constantly in order to dispose of your trash? It can be easier to keep employees' hands clean and your office kitchen organized by choosing garbage cans that don't require to be touched, like motion-triggered cans.

After installing trash cans, keeping them in good condition is crucial. Bins should never overflow. Keep an eye on the trash cans and make sure they are regularly emptied, cleaned, and refreshed with new bags as needed.

6. Sanitize Countertops

Although they may not appear like a health risk, countertops can easily grow harmful bacteria and germs. Food preparation frequently takes place on kitchen counters, which alone can transmit germs.

Take a look at the countertops in your office. You’ll probably notice items like mail, letters, keys, purses, bags, etc., sitting on them right now or have been there in the past.

These items can transmit germs, and because countertops are frequently ignored, those bacteria could contaminate your meals. Before and after meal preparation, make sure staff members clean the countertops.

You should also frequently sanitize counters to prevent the spread of bacteria.

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