How to Erase Odors in an Office

How to Erase Odors in an Office
How to erase odors in an office

Your commercial premises may appear clean, but if there is a lingering smell, something is wrong.

Unfortunately, unpleasant odors are not always simple to cover up. Sprays often just work for a little period. Even after you've located the source, getting rid of the smell can sometimes be challenging.

Odors are also bad for business. A bad smell can make a bad first impression on clients and make employees uncomfortable.

Eliminating offensive odors is crucial in making your business a cleaner, safer place for everyone who enters.

The best method to consistently freshen the air in your office is with a thorough strategy that addresses the stench at its source.

Here is how you can have a fresh, odor-free office!

Take Out the Garbage

Simply emptying the garbage every day will help control the office's odor. This is particularly true in the cafeterias and break rooms where people heat and then throw away food. If employees are permitted to snack at their desks, all of the office's waste must be picked up daily.

Trash cans can stink on their own. Food and beverage liquids may spill inside the garbage bag and into the trash can. The garbage will smell awful if no one cleans it out.

Garbage cleanup is a fantastic recurring activity to include in your cleaning service. But if that is out of budget, what can you do?

The odor-causing bacteria can easily be eliminated by spraying bleach inside break room trash cans or placing a capful of bleach in the bottom.

Another option would be to remind staff members not to overfill trash cans or spill liquids into them. A can liner that is too full will inevitably rip and leak its contents into the trash can. Always double bag heavier items when throwing them out.

Restrict Eating Areas

When one individual eats fish for lunch at their desk, the air might become unhygienic for days. Imagine that this worker now spills the fish on the carpet. Now assume that this employee spills the fish on the carpet. The smell will remain on the carpet until the carpet is cleaned again.

Therefore, you should only permit employees to heat, consume, and dispose of food in designated facilities like break rooms, cafeterias, or outdoor eating spaces.

Nearly a third (31%) of employees acknowledge that they often eat at their desks. Employers can persuade staff to have lunch away from their desks by providing peaceful and inviting spaces for meal breaks. Offering a selection of cozy indoor and outdoor spaces can entice workers (and the smell of food) away from workplaces.

Also, remind staff members to think carefully about the lunch items they bring and their menu choices. That seafood platter could be delicious to you, but other people might find the odor irritating.

Tidy Up

Several areas in offices serve as odor-breeding grounds. If you hire a cleaning company, your janitorial service agreement cannot cover the cleaning of these spaces.

Your office staff will now need to clean these spaces to keep them hygienic and keep the odors away.

Here are some simple steps that can be taken to maintain everyday cleanliness

  •   Wash dishes daily
  •   Dispose of expired food from the refrigerator every week.
  •   Every month, wipe off the interior of the refrigerator using a cleaning solution.
  •   At the end of the week, remember to clean the microwave interior.

Your office will smell much better if you maintain these areas.

Dust More Often

A dusty office has a dusty odor. If you use a cleaning service, make sure they wipe down workstations and dust them at least three times every week.

Ask your staff to leave their desks sufficiently clear of items so that the bulk of their workspaces can be dusted and cleaned.

 If you don't have a janitorial service, make it a rule that your staff cleans off their desks daily before they leave the office. Also, remember to regularly dust window blinds and baseboards. These areas can collect dust and emit a dusty odor.

Take Care of Carpets

Dust, grime, and odors can become embedded in the carpet until they are removed. Daily vacuuming aids in preventing dust and filth accumulation. However, routine carpet cleaning will eliminate aromas from the carpet, making your office smell better.

Baking soda is the easiest way to eliminate odors from small carpet and upholstery areas. Sprinkle baking soda evenly over the surface, let it sit for 15 to 20 minutes, and then vacuum up the entire amount.

Consider using an enzyme deodorizer if this doesn't work. An enzyme deodorizer has microorganisms that will break down the odor's cause and eliminate it from your carpet or upholstery.

If these strategies fall short of the mark, hire a professional cleaning service like Helping Hands Commercial Cleaning for guaranteed results!

Our office cleaning services in Darien, IL, have a team of seasoned experts with an eye for detail. We use powerful, professional-grade tools and equipment to eliminate lingering odor and make way for an office that looks and smells clean!

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How to erase odors in an office
How to erase odors in an office
How to erase odors in an office
How to erase odors in an office