How to Make Sure Your Server Room is Clean

How to Make Sure Your Server Room is Clean
How to make sure your server room is clean

The server room is the center of operations for companies in the twenty-first century. It is where they store crucial data about their customers, projects, workers, and sales.

Most of the time, we are so concerned with maintaining the protective measures in place and the software updates that we neglect or overlook the significance of keeping the server room clean.

Paying close attention to the details will help you create a cost-effective server room that will enable you to expand your company and realize its true potential. This means maintaining a safe, clean, and effective environment.

Regular cleaning will keep your equipment and machines in good working order. It may even extend the life of your servers, potentially saving you thousands of dollars.

Here are a few tips to help you maintain your server room clean and operational.

Keeping Dust Out

A tidy server room says a lot about your company. Additionally, it promotes optimal performance and efficiency. Instead of waiting for a large spring cleaning every year, keep up with the mess and give your server room a once-over monthly.

One of the major threats to electronic devices used in data centers is dust. The temperature of the equipment could increase by as much as 40° F if it is not removed. Increased downtime could cost companies up to $5,600 every minute due to rising temperatures.

Use a vacuum with HEPA filters to frequently remove dust to avoid this from happening. Using a microfiber cloth, wipe equipment and cords with an antistatic cleaning solution.  

Organize Cord in A Systematic Way

Managing electrical connections in a server room involves dealing with tangled wires, which are highly prevalent. Tangled wires might put people at risk of tripping, electric shocks, and even fires.

Cable wires can be grouped, labeled, and organized to reduce unwanted cord risks. Label the cables' ends and arrange them. You can color-code codes based on the device for which the cord is intended. Manage cables vertically. Use cable ties to group cable wires of the same type.

Keep a Close Eye on the Temperature

Like cigars and many other things, servers require a controlled atmosphere to maintain quality and operate effectively. The recommended range for a server room's temperature and relative humidity is 64.4 to 80.6 degrees Fahrenheit and 45 to 50 percent, respectively.

You must take precautions to prevent decreasing the lifespan of your equipment if the ambient air temperature is frequently in the mid-80s or above.

Utilize Proper Equipment

When your company is small and just getting started, you can get away with piling hardware on random workstations and shelves. Exposed equipment becomes quite problematic as your company grows and has more precise needs. Ensure that you are employing the appropriate tools for the task.

Spend money on rack-mounted hardware that is intended to hold server hardware. There are also available shelves and drawers that may be mounted on the server rack.

Cleaning the Floor

When cleaning the server room, don't forget to sweep the floor. The bottoms of the shoes are responsible for over 80% of the dust and dirt in the server room.

Use a dry mop when cleaning the floor. Schedule a deep clean every three months to stop dirt and dust from accumulating.

Cleaning of Electric Equipment

Clean all equipment surfaces using an antistatic cleaning solution, including those at the rear of the drawer that is not visible. When cleaning, try to limit the use of liquids to prevent equipment damage.

Plan a deep cleaning session every six months if the wires in your room are housed in a ceiling plenum.

Regulate Human Activity

A significant source of pollutants in the data room is people. These pollutants include dander, skin fragments, and hair.

Before entering the data center, have your staff put on protective boots and caps to reduce and control the number of contaminants there.

Installing contamination control mats at the room's entry is another option. This will assist in removing contaminants from the shoes of those entering the room.

Minimize Exposure Points

You should never use automatic doors in server rooms. A data server room can only be contaminated from the outside through doors. A door that automatically opens and shuts as a person walks by should be avoided.

Install two door sets. One for the cramped space where they will store their safety boots and headgear. The second for entering the server room.

Hire a Professional Cleaning Service

Setting up a good routine for cleaning your server room could help you avoid major harm to your equipment and any stored data. A cleaning company like Helping Hand Commercial Cleaning can help with office mold removal, wall washing, and eliminating musty odors.

Our office cleaning services in Wood Dale, IL, have experience in cleaning rooms with lots of machinery, wiring, and equipment.

Don't second-guess it. Call us at (630) 530-8121and get in touch with us for cleaning advice and more details on server room cleaning. You can also get a free estimate!


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How to make sure your server room is clean
How to make sure your server room is clean
How to make sure your server room is clean
How to make sure your server room is clean