How to Prevent the Spread of Illnesses in Your Office This Winter

How to Prevent the Spread of Illnesses in Your Office This Winter

As the temperature drops, we all cluster indoors, which creates the ideal environment for bacteria and illnesses to flourish. Colds can spread like wildfire in the workplace throughout the winter because the flu virus thrives in cold air, which encourages the flu season to last until warmer weather arrives.

Small, enclosed spaces like offices make it simple for illnesses to spread, leaving you understaffed and requiring your workers to take time off work for relaxation or medical appointments.

Here are our top recommendations for preventing the flu and cold from spreading in your office this winter:

Dress with Layers.

Adding extra layers and ensuring you remain warm during the winter helps you avoid getting sick. There is scientific evidence that shivering reduces your body's immune response, making it less capable of fighting off a cold or the flu.

Furthermore, it has been demonstrated that breathing cold air through your nasal passages impairs your capacity to fight viruses. You have a higher risk of becoming sick if you let your feet become cold. So when you go outside, layer up, put on an additional pair of socks, and don't be afraid to cover your face with a scarf.

Exercise Regularly

Regular exercise can increase your body's ability to fight against cold and flu viruses. Instead of exchanging emails over lunch, encourage your staff to go on walks, take the stairs, and interact with one another in person.

Offering discounted corporate gym memberships will also aid in encouraging your employees to become more active.

Wash Your Hands

With all the sneezing and coughing, we know that many of the germs that cause colds and the flu are transferred via the air. But, we can also spread viruses and bacteria with unsanitary hands.

Make sure you adopt the right handwashing technique and wash your hands whenever possible.

Additionally, you should refrain from touching your face during the current cold and flu season. When you touch your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands, an alarming amount of germs are transferred.

Regular hand washing and keeping your hands away from your face will significantly reduce your risk of getting sick this winter.

During this time, it’s best to stock up on plenty of paper towels and soap so everyone in the office can wash their hands as often as possible.


Disinfect the Workspace and Surfaces

Countertops, desks, keyboards, phones, doorknobs, and light switches are all recognized germ-infested surfaces that should be disinfected regularly to prevent illness transmission.

If a sick employee uses another worker's phone or computer over lunch or grabs the refrigerator handle, they can swiftly spread a head cold to the entire company.

You must go beyond simply cleaning the usual surfaces to effectively stop the spread of germs and illness in your business. It is also important to routinely clean and sterilize the office fridge, microwave, floors, and other hard surfaces with antibacterial and antiviral cleansers.

Business owners and managers must offer cleaning products like disinfectant wipes, sprays, and paper towels so that employees can regularly sanitize their workspaces.

Provide Flu Shots at Work

Preventing the flu will keep everyone healthy and lower the likelihood that it will spread throughout the workplace. And the best protection is a flu vaccination. Bringing nurse practitioners inside the office can make it simpler for your staff to obtain one.

Local pharmacies can frequently send a nurse to provide the immunization at a low cost. Smaller businesses can plan a trip to the neighborhood drugstore to acquire vaccinations collectively.

Urge Sick Employees to Stay at Home

While encouraging your staff to take a sick day may seem counterproductive in an effort to prevent a rise in sick days, the alternative is much worse. Give sick workers the time off they require to heal before returning to the job because even one sick worker showing up to work can easily start a workplace epidemic.

As a general rule, your staff should wait until they are no longer contagious, either 24 hours after a fever breaks or one day after the beginning of an antibiotic course.

While they might experience a short-term lag in output, allowing them the time to recover also prevents others from being ill and ensures that your staff will be more productive when they return refreshed and prepared to work.

Professional Cleaning Services for Your Office

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We want to keep you and your company operating efficiently this winter and make sure your employees stay healthy. Our office cleaning services in Clarendon Hills, IL, use high-grade equipment and tools to kill germs and viruses before they can infect your workplace.

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