The Ultimate Guide to Clean Toilets in the Office

The Ultimate Guide to Clean Toilets in the Office

No company wants their customers to leave with a negative impression based only on the state of their restroom. Consider how you feel when meeting someone for the first time and the positive or negative impression they leave you with. The first impression your facility's restroom makes on your guests is just as significant as the first impression you make when meeting someone. They'll remember it, especially if it's in bad shape.

Your business works hard to provide customers with high-quality products and services, and a dirty and odorous toilet should not be the first or last thing on their minds.

In this article, we present a guide for cleaning your toilet that will help improve its cleanliness, client satisfaction, and your facility's reputation.

1. Gather Supplies

Before you begin, it's always better to have the necessary tools within arm's reach, preferably in an organized bucket.

Here are some supplies you will need.

  •   Scrub sponge
  •   Waterproof rubber gloves
  •   Toilet brush
  •   Toilet cleaner or vinegar
  •   Toilet brush
  •   Cloth or towel
  •   All-purpose disinfectant spray
  •   Pumice stone
  •   Paper towels

2. Disinfect the Exteriors

Most people focus on the interior of the toilet bowl when cleaning it, but every inch demands attention. Spray the exterior of the toilet with disinfectant spray, including hard-to-reach spots like the rear of the base and the underside of the seat. Spray both the toilet's back and side walls.

Bathroom particles are launched into the air and settle on nearby surfaces with each flush. As a result, the toilet's floor and walls are perfect targets for microscopic spatter.

Allow the cleaner to settle for at least five minutes after spraying.

3. Cleaning the Bowl

Apply toilet cleaner to the bowl and let it soak for a few minutes. Then, swish the cleaner around the bowl with a brush.

You can also pour one cup of baking soda and one cup of distilled white vinegar directly into the toilet bowl for a germ-free, sparkling result.

However, if you prefer a store-bought solution, choose one that uses hydrogen peroxide or oxygen bleach instead of chlorine bleach, which can irritate the lungs. If you insist on using chlorine bleach, open a window and wear gloves.

Whichever toilet cleaner you prefer, use liberally and make sure to get some under the rim as well. As the cleaning soaks in, turn your attention back to the toilet's exterior.

4. Scrub and Wipe Exterior

Scrub the toilet's exterior using a cleaning sponge. If the toilet is very dirty, wipe it down with paper towels before tossing them in the garbage.

While you're there, pay attention to the toilet's base and floor. Remove the seat and clean it separately if you have a modern toilet with a quick-disconnect toilet seat.

5. Scrub Out Stains

Many people overlook the area where the water rushes out beneath the rim since it is out of sight. Don’t ignore this area!

Get a stiff-bristled toilet brush, then scrub the bowl's interior and under the rim to get rid of those tough toilet bowl stains. If you observe a rust-colored ring inside the bowl, Minerals in your water system are most likely to blame.

Cleaning experts agree that using a pumice stone is the most effective way to remove such stains. Choose a stone with a stick, so your hands don't have to get close to the toilet bowl. Don't worry; the pumice won't scratch the porcelain because it's a soft stone! A couple of swipes with the pumice stone should suffice.

Finally, turn the toilet's water supply back on and flush to clean the bowl.

6. Sanitize Your Supplies

The final step- clean the supplies. Place the wet toilet brush under the seat cover and pour bleach or cleaning solution into the toilet bowl through its business end. Allow it to sit for a minute before rinsing with a pitcher of water. Fill the brush's canister with warm, soapy water to clean it; you may even discard it in the toilet. You should let the brush air out fully before storing it to avoid increasing bacteria growth.

You also want to remove your gloves as soon as the toilet is clean. But before doing that, get to the sink and scrub your gloved hands with soap and hot water. This will make sure you don't get your hands dirty and clean the inch of the gloves. Hang or prop them up to dry before putting them away and using them again.

Should You Let the Pros Come Over?

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Allow us to handle all of your office cleaning needs so you can concentrate on operating your business rather than worrying about how dirty things have become behind closed doors.

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