The Ultimate Law Office Cleaning Guide

The Ultimate Law Office Cleaning Guide

Many individuals outside the legal profession have an image of law offices filled to the brim with paper documents, with attorneys scrambling to find a single, crucial document. In many circumstances, this image is accurate.

The operation of law firms must be as effective as possible. You must be on top of your game, and a clean law office will help you maintain that position. You don't have time to waste messing with disorganized paperwork, filthy equipment, and congested spaces.

Keeping your law office and desk area tidy and uncluttered has many advantages, including increasing productivity, pleasing clients, and keeping staff members healthy.

Let's look at some ways to keep your home tidy now and in the future.

1. Declutter

One of the best approaches to cleaning your law office is to declutter, even though it can be a substantial task. Removing outdated paperwork, case files, and unnecessary documents will immediately increase output and morale.

Remove anything rarely used or no longer required while decluttering your law office.

When you "declutter," you don't necessarily have to throw things away and get rid of papers; you can also put things in a closet or storage space.

Or instance, having a lot of cords behind and around desks is messy and perhaps dangerous. An easy repair would be to examine the cords, determine which ones are unnecessary, and store them in a closet.

The same holds true with furnishings. Do you have a ton of unoccupied leather chairs in your legal office? If so, consider getting rid of them or storing them till you need them.

Old case files should be kept until it's safe to discard them, so store them safely (in a spare office at your law practice or a locked storage facility, for example). Also, make an effort to reduce the number of personal items that interfere with work or take up valuable desk space.

A clean law office impresses clients and enhances worker productivity and efficiency.

2. Keep a Routine Cleaning Schedule

It takes a lot of work for one person or small law practice to maintain a regular cleaning program. While cleaning is crucial, other chores are more important than cleaning that you need to get done.

The size of your firm, the number of employees, and the volume of foot traffic all affect how frequently a legal office should be cleaned. Cleaning should be done every day if you have a constant stream of clients and meetings. If your company is small and there isn't much foot traffic, you might want to think about cleaning twice a month or perhaps once a month.

Here are a few activities that should be part of your regular office cleaning schedule:

  •   Floor waxing, vacuuming, or mopping
  •   Washing glasses and windows
  •   Restocking and cleaning restrooms
  •   Keeping the front desk area clean
  •   Dusting off all tools and services
  •   Dumping waste
  •   Furniture cleaning
  •   Sanitization

3. Adopt COVID-19 Safety Measures

There are numerous ways for law offices to stop the spread of COVID-19 and viruses. Cleaning high-touch areas and surfaces, such as doorknobs and phones, should be a top priority.

Many law firms even shift personal desk spaces so employees are not seated within six feet of one another, and offer masks and gloves for those who want to wear them.

The CDC website recommends doing the following:

  •   Sanitize and clean high-touch surfaces at least once every day.
  •   Provide personal safety gear (PPE).
  •   Educate staff on proper ways to clean
  •   Adhere to social distancing guidelines.
  •   Wash your hands often.

4. Give Equal Attention to Your Back Office and Front Office

A happy office is one that is neat and tidy. Given that talent is in short supply, it would be unfortunate to overlook something as basic and important as a clean workplace. Staff in every area deserve to work in a tidy, organized, and safe environment.

Legal offices often have busy mail rooms, which can easily become dirty. Paper emits a lot of dust, which may rapidly be seen in crevices and corners even if there isn't much downtime for it to settle. Dirt is continuously tracked due to the post's ongoing intake and outflow.

Maintain it under control with a regular cleaning schedule. The same is true for copy rooms- and also, don't overlook archives and server rooms.

Dust and high humidity not only endanger your legacy documents and IT equipment, but they also pose a fire hazard.

5. Hire A Professional Cleaning Company

When cleaning becomes too much for you to handle or you're sick of wasting your valuable time cleaning, then consider hiring a cleaning company. They will take care of everything to maintain your law office in a tidy manner so that you can concentrate on more important issues.

Helping Hand Commercial Cleaning in Oakbrook Terrace, IL, has a team of trained and certified cleaners who can expertly carry out professional cleaning in law offices. We have all the right tools and products to make your solicitor's office sparkling clean!

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