The Ultimate Office Cubicle Cleaning Guide

The Ultimate Office Cubicle Cleaning Guide

A 2014 Gallup survey found that the average American full-time employee puts in 47 hours per week at their employment. More than eight hours a day are spent at work and in cubicles. That 40+ hour workweek can seem especially long if your desk is messy and untidy.

You must be familiar with the saying "a clean environment is a healthy environment" That is certainly true in workplace settings. What can you do to improve the environment at work in terms of cleanliness and health?

Start by setting aside some time to maintain a neat and tidy cubicle. If it seems overwhelming, we got your back!

Here is a simple guide to help you maintain your cubicle clean all year without devoting much effort. 

Daily Cubicle Cleaning

·  Declutter

You can start by removing needless clutter from your desk will reduce visual distractions and instantly make it look cleaner. Any documents, workplace materials, and personal belongings that are not required daily should be removed. The cube will appear pleasant and clean if you do this once every day, either before you go home in the evening or at the beginning of your morning.

·  Wipe down

You can do a quick wipe-down to prevent the spread of germs and maintain a tidy environment. Your desk phone, mouse, keyboard, and office supplies are all common workstation components. A straightforward disinfectant wipe or moist microfiber cloth can be used to clean each of these objects.

·  Clean Up After Eating

Everything that has been used to eat or drink, without exception, needs to be cleaned every day, even your coffee mug and the plate you used for your morning donut.

Weekly Cubicle Cleaning

·  Disinfect

Wipe out your entire desk on Friday night or Monday morning to give each week a fresh start. The top of your desk receives a lot of activity and, if not kept clean, can soon turn into a germ-breeding ground.

·  Deep Clean Frequently Used Items

Every day you should wipe clean objects you often use, including your desk phone and keyboard, but once every week, you should go a step farther. Grab your paper towels, Q-tips, canned air, disinfectant spray, and other cleaning supplies to clean between keys, crevices, and other hard-to-reach places.

Monthly Cubicle Cleaning

·  Organize

Take some time once a month to reorganize, whether you utilize a lot of file space for paper or your desk hutch needs some help.

Sorting up your junk drawer, alphabetizing your bookcase, and organizing your file cabinet according to date can all significantly improve how well you use your workspace. When things are consistently well-organized, you will discover that they are easier to find and stress you out less.

·  Get Those Displays Cleaned

Although you may not touch your computer display very often, they are right in the path of every cough and sneeze that comes from your mouth. They also quickly become dusty. To keep them looking brand-new, clean with a microfiber cloth once a month.

Yearly Cubicle Cleaning

·  Clean Up Cubicle Walls

Most cubicle walls are composed of a tactile material like cloth. This is why they need to be deep cleaned at least once a year.

Standard cleaning procedures for cube walls include vacuuming, stain removal, and then scouring with a solution of mild detergent and water. Don't worry if it all seems too much for you to handle alone.

If the cubicle walls in your office are cleaned less than once a year, ask your office manager about it and let them know you're concerned. It should be reasonable for the company to request that cubicles be cleaned.

Don’t forget to pitch in by taking down any pictures or messages hanging from your cubicle walls before cleaning.

·  Sort Out Your Computer Cords

Perform a quick sweep under your desk and use a microfiber cloth to eliminate any dust particles hiding between the computer connections. This can be completed once a year to keep the area tidy.

Clean up the interiors of storage containers and drawers. Take all your office supplies and documents out of your storage spaces and filing cabinets once a year, then wash down the insides with paper towels and disinfectant spray. You'd be shocked at how much debris accumulated there!

Don’t Have Spare Time For Cubicle Cleaning? Get Professional Help

These tips can help tidy up a few cubicles around the office. But if you have 100 cubicles to clean, it may be a very overwhelming procedure. That’s where Helpings Hands Commercial Cleaning can help!

As the most reputable office cleaning services in Western Springs, IL, we are glad to state that we guarantee your complete satisfaction. Our team is highly qualified, certified, and prepared to give your office a brand-new appearance.

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