Tips for Cleaning a Laboratory

Tips for Cleaning a Laboratory

Even though scientists are incredibly clever and intelligent individuals, cleaning the lab is not their priority.

During studies, it is common for the lab bench to become cluttered with supplies and substances and for equipment to become dirty. Cleaning your lab is crucial since chemicals and germs can quickly contaminate incubators, freezers, balances, and benches if they are not maintained clean. This poses a risk to all of your samples and you.

 This guide will provide you with some useful tips on how to properly clean your lab. So read on!

Follow a Cleaning Schedule

A laboratory can be a very hectic place to work in. While cleaning arrangements can be quite difficult, all of your efforts will be in vain if samples become contaminated due to a dirty lab.

You should use a laboratory information management system to schedule lab clean-up hours to guarantee that it is done consistently. The different facets of your lab, such as workflow, result analysis, and inventory, can be managed by a cloud-based system.

This is one method of maintaining order and control in your lab. A stated cleaning schedule is also useful for keeping track of cleaning.

Use the Right Tools

It is critical to use appropriate cleaning solutions for various items in your laboratory. Most labware should be washed immediately after use in the sink with warm water and soap To avoid residue buildup. Certain compounds, such as insoluble organic solutions, require more than soap and water.

They must also be rinsed with ethanol or acetone to remove leftover residues. Almost any sort of surface can be treated with bleach or ethanol sprays to reduce viral, fungal, or bacterial contamination.

Ensure that all cleaning products are labeled.

Here are some other specialized methods and tools for cleaning lab equipment.

Batch Sterilization

Although there are many other batch sterilization techniques, steam autoclaving at high temperatures and pressure can sanitize most lab supplies and glassware.

Medical articles like catheters and stents can only be sterilized using ethylene oxide gas, while items like medications and medical devices need to be exposed to gamma radiation.

Keep in mind that sterilizing eliminates bacteria; it won’t remove chemical residue on your lab equipment.

Use sterilization-resistant labels in this situation, as other types of labels might not hold up to exposure to high heat and pressure, gas, or gamma radiation.


Laboratory dishwashers are designed to prevent cross-contamination between the wash and rinse cycles. They frequently come with accessories made for particular labware types, such as test tubes, Petri dishes, and pipettes, and use high temperatures to clean glassware.

Ultrasonic Cleaners

These cleaners clean glassware by using sound waves to eliminate grime. It is possible to combine sound waves with substances that aid in particle removal.

When utilizing ultrasonic cleaners, it is best to avoid using solutions with low flashpoints or combustible properties because an energy buildup could lead them to catch fire.

Pipette Cleaning

Reusable pipettes can be cleaned either using direct injection baskets, which allow direct injection of water and detergent, followed by a hot rinse, or in a plastic jug that continuously fills and siphons water, cleaning and rinsing the pipettes.

Handheld pipettes can be cleaned by disassembling them, replacing worn or damaged O-rings, and cleaning individual pieces with suitable solutions.

Do It Frequently

Regular cleaning increases the efficiency and security of your lab. One thing that can drive a scientist insane is having to use a station that someone else has worked without cleaning up after themselves.

This is especially risky for weighing stations since any chemicals left behind in the form of liquids or powders can hurt other people.

Besides basic, regular cleaning, the focus should also be on creating a weekly timetable for each location that has to be cleaned, including dusting benches and emptying biohazard waste bins used in biosafety cabinets. Also, make to perform any other necessary equipment maintenance.

Remove Outdated Reagents and Sample

It is worthwhile to get rid of all the deteriorated samples and rotten chemicals when cleaning your lab because they are merely drawing more dust and clutter.

You can always check your LIMS (or your handwritten lab books) to see how long samples have been stored if you're unsure which ones need to be discarded. In your LIMS, you may even set disposal dates for reagents as the experiment is being prepared.

Hire Professional Cleaners for Your Lab

Every laboratory setting has unique cleaning challenges that require more than regular cleaning. Whether you oversee operations in a hospital, lab on a university campus, or research facility, you must regularly adhere to strict cleanliness requirements.

That is why the top laboratories hire certified commercial cleaning companies like Helpings Hands to help create a safe, sanitary, and clean environment.

Besides office cleaning services in River Forest, IL, we also clean laboratories with new technologies and high-tech disinfection systems. These innovations enable quick and efficient cleaning, disinfection, and sanitization.

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