Top Cleaning Trends and Innovations That Your Business can Invest in

Top Cleaning Trends and Innovations That Your Business can Invest in

Cleaning is a fairly simple occupation to pursue. It all comes down to "cleaning a room and making sure it's germ-free so that its users are secure, pleasant, and healthy." However, it’s the strategies used by a commercial cleaning business to accomplish this goal that distinguishes it from its rivals.

As a result, it's critical to stay up to date on the most recent information regarding cleaning technology and solutions if you work in the cleaning sector. This assists you in making wise company decisions that provide efficiency and effectiveness.

Here are some top cleaning trends with great promise for the future and cleaning technologies you might want to invest in right now:

1. Disinfection with UV-C Technology

Although popular, this commercial cleaning technology may not be as efficient as advertised. The fact that manipulating the light involves some subtleties is a major factor in this.

It takes more than simply sweeping a UV-C wand through the air to eradicate all microorganisms. The length of time it takes for UV-C light to work is affected by various variables, including the type of virus or bacteria, light intensity, and distance.

Overall, this cleaning technology shows a lot of promise and is worth investment. The key is to use them in the correct situations. After a few more years, it might also turn out to be even more effective and valuable.

2. Robots and Drones

Although some people are still concerned about "robots taking over their employment," using robot custodians or cleaners has many advantages. For instance, it is more effective to use large-scale robot vacuums and polishers than to have people sweep and polish big flooring areas (e.g., airports and sports stadiums).

Even better, there's no need to worry about contamination because robots are immune to disease. Human custodians can easily carry out maintenance operations to clean and disinfect the machines once the job is finished.

Additionally, people can monitor the cleaning equipment's progress and intervene to troubleshoot if necessary. In other words, robots won't replace people; rather, they'll work alongside them.

Drones are yet another type of robot that can be useful for cleaning. Drone sprayers particularly can cover greater regions considerably faster.

Once more, like with cleaning robots, human staff can direct or troubleshoot the robots as needed and then carry out maintenance operations afterward.

3. Electrostatic spray technology

Compared to conventional cleaning solutions, electrostatic spray technology is a novel way to apply cleaners, sanitizers, and disinfectants to help facilities treat surfaces. Although the technology is relatively new to the office cleaning industry, it is well established in other sectors like the tanning, agriculture, and automotive industries.

4. Anti-Microbial Coatings

Antimicrobial coatings, developed recently by some manufacturers, have shown to be effective when incorporated into the material or later added to a surface. It operates by turning oxygen and humidity into free radicals, which then destroy the cells of bacteria and viruses.

The light can come from any source, including the sun, LED bulbs, and even spotlights. The coating must be exposed for around 8 hours for effective activation, which is crucial.

Researchers and producers are trying to extend the lifespan of antimicrobial coatings. As of now, the product's benchmark for effectiveness is around a year, assuming it can obtain the appropriate amount of light exposure.

5. Artificial Intelligence and Big Data

There is a misconception that artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics are interchangeable terms. However, AI is more concerned with machine learning than with hardware. This means AI can be included in almost any machine.

It is used in the cleaning sector to track data, such as the time spent cleaning particular locations. These specifics assist in streamlining processes and free up more time for other aspects of a cleaning firm, like market analysis, product development, and client relations.

Additionally, AI can serve several functions in janitorial management software. Some applications include handling work orders, improving communications, scheduling, and deployment.

6. QR Codes

Quick response or QR codes are nothing new, yet they are still useful and successful today. Clients can exchange and update cleaning checklists, specifically using QR codes.

Meanwhile, cleaning businesses can use QR codes in their marketing campaigns. Customers can, for instance, scan a QR code to launch an augmented reality website that conducts a virtual cleaning procedure demonstration.

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