What to Expect in a Dental Office Cleaning?

What to Expect in a Dental Office Cleaning?

Patients rely on you to provide the highest quality dental care. They not only anticipate helping staff and skilled technicians but also shining restrooms, pristine treatment rooms, and clean waiting spaces. Are your facilities meeting their cleaning standards for dentist offices?

Your patients will likely judge your practice based on the appearance of your office. You may run the risk of losing business if you aren't utilizing skilled medical office cleaning services.

Helping Hand Cleaning Services are aware of how crucial cleaning and disinfection are in dental offices. We have developed a one-of-a-kind dental office cleaning plan which makes obtaining quality cleaning services for your company easier.

Here's a closer look at what to anticipate from our dental office cleaning plan and what you should anticipate from any cleaning company that cleans dental facilities.

1. Restroom

Did you know that a staggering number of adults in the United States (about 77%) said they would avoid visiting a medical facility altogether if they encountered a filthy restroom? Every business requires a spotless. Every business requires a spotless restroom, but nowhere is it more crucial than in hospitals and dental offices.

The condition of the restroom may have a negative impact on how your practice runs as a whole. That is one of the unsavory truths about cleaning a dental practice. Your patients have specific expectations regarding cleanliness. Commercial services might be of great assistance in situations like this.

Here are the activities that a cleaning service will perform at your restrooms.

  •   Clean and sanitize light switches and doorknobs.
  •   Polish windows and mirrors in the bathroom.
  •   Clean and sanitize toilets, urinals, and sink.
  •   Cleaning and leak checks were done in the spaces behind toilets and under sinks.
  •   Clean, mop, and disinfect bathroom floors.
  •   Clean and inspect areas under sinks and behind toilets for leaks.

2. Reception and Patient Spaces

The reception area and patient waiting areas are the first areas of your dental practice that most patients will notice. Take advantage of the initial impression that you have to make!

You don't want to scare off or disgust new patients and risk losing frequent visitors. Returning patients will probably be used to it by this point, but that is no reason to slack off! Make sure your waiting rooms are updated, your furniture is dusted, and your floors are spotless.

The seats used for examinations and procedures should be maintained as spotless as possible at all times. These areas of your dental office may benefit from intensive cleaning.

Cleaning measures taken by professionals will include the following:

  •   Using disinfectants suitable for hospital sanitation
  •   Accurately color-coding microfiber towels and mop pads for their particular type of use
  •   Consistently paying close attention to detail

3. Breakrooms

A clean work environment reduces employees' sick days, while a clean break room lessens the likelihood of bug and rodent infestations.

Your employees and technicians will be more at ease if their work environments are kept clean by:

  •   Polishing windows.
  •   Cleaning blinds and windowsills along with the curtains (if you have any).
  •   Dusting fixtures, shelves, cupboards, worktops, and desks.
  •   Cleaning mats, vacuuming carpet rugs, and sweeping floors.
  •   Cleaning and disinfecting counters, tables, and seats in the break room.
  •   Sanitizing and cleaning sinks in the break room.

4. Carpets and Hardwood Floors

As vital as brushing and flossing are for your teeth and mouth, vacuuming and mopping are essential for carpets and hard floors. Therefore, it's crucial to maintain these surfaces clean. These realities concerning dental office cleaning apply just as much to an orthodontist's office as they do to a regular dentist's office.

5. General Maintenance and Upkeep

In addition to weekly cleaning, your offices can benefit from concentrated, periodic care such as:

  •   Deep cleaning of carpets using powerful steam machinery.
  •   Polished and cleaned ceramic, tile, and hardwood floors.
  •   Cleaning and sanitization of HVAC and ventilation system.
  •   Inspections, eradication, and remediation of mold.
  •   Green cleaning choices

A dental office maintenance checklist prevents minor issues from becoming costly repairs and replacements by increasing fixture and equipment life.

Looking for a Dental Office Cleaning Service? Call Us Now

Cleaning services provided by professionals have numerous advantages. Your investment will pay off in the form of peace of mind and a lasting relationship with your cleaning contractor.

We understand that you make every effort to reassure patients and offer them every reason to smile. Helping Hand Commercial Cleaning medical grade commercial cleaning in Chicago, IL, is made to help you relax regarding the impression your facility makes on your patients.

You can rely on us to ensure your dental practice goes above and beyond to make your patients happy every day.

Request a free quote now and call us at (630) 530-8121 to learn how a professional can improve your service and keep your customers satisfied.

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