Commercial Deep Cleaning and Disinfecting Services

There’s no space too big for our superior commercial disinfecting service

Deep cleaning and disinfecting service like no other

A clean and disinfected business space makes all the difference – whether on your employees’ productivity or your guests’ first impression. At Helping Hands, we help you make and keep this lasting good impression with a world-class sanitizing service.

We’ve seen commercial businesses enjoy improved efficiency and a happier workplace with a cleaner and healthier environment. Through our customized deep cleaning and commercial disinfecting services, we are able to provide the highest standards in cleaning to keep individuals safe in offices, hospitals, schools, retail locations, factories, and more.

We use hospital grade cleaning agents to ensure a safe, disinfected, and sanitized space for your family and employees.

One Stop Commercial Sanitizing Company

We care about your health and safety and it shows in the work of our helping hands. When you choose to partner with our team, you get a full-service commercial sanitizing company that does everything – from cleaning and disinfecting to sanitizing and sterilization.

No matter what kind of facility you have, we are equipped with professional tools and techniques to handle commercial sterilization that goes beyond the four corners of your buildings. Our antimicrobial disinfectant solution involves removing odor particles, germs in hard-to-reach areas, and other unseen pathogens. At the end of every cleaning service, you’re left with nothing but a healthier and safer environment.

It’s Easy As 1-2-3

Our Deep Cleaning, Sanitizing And Disinfecting Process


Contact us any time by calling us at (630) 530-1324 or filling out our request form. We will conduct an initial assessment of your needs during our call so we can determine the best commercial cleaning solutions.


We will provide you with an instant quote and once you agree, you can choose to book for a one-time cleaning appointment or schedule a recurring disinfecting service for your facility.


On the day of your cleaning appointment, we’ll prepare our team, tools, and equipment to effectively disinfect your office or facility, and meticulously clean and sanitize every corner of your building for a better work environment.

Why Choose Our Deep Covid Cleaning Services

Our commercial deep cleaning services are one of the best! For over 15 years, our disinfectant cleaning services have been trusted by more than 4,000 very satisfied clients. We use Electrostatic Disinfection which is EPA approved for killing viruses, pathogens, mold and odors.

Industries We Serve

Who We Service

We service homes, business facilities, offices, day care centers, schools, churches, food service areas, apartment complexes, medical facilities, hospitals, and more.

Low Cost Service

We are reasonably priced for safe and effective coronavirus disinfecting and sanitizing. We base our quotes per square foot of your area.

We Work Quickly And Efficiently

Our expert staff comes ready with disinfecting equipment and supplies. We work diligently to ensure the whole area is sanitized.

Coronavirus Deep Cleaning Process

Our team will provide intensified disinfecting of high touch-points and all visibly dirty surfaces, and any other areas that can be impacted by the virus.

Service With Compassion

We know this is a challenging time for your workplace or family. As we work to decontaminate your surroundings, we pledge to treat your space with the utmost care and respect.

Residential & Commercial Covid Cleaning Services

We are trained and thoroughly prepared to disinfect your residential or commercial property with CDC Approved Coronavirus treating disinfectant, Viral Oxide.

Our Commercial Deep Cleaning Services

Facility Cleaning​

Cleaning of Contents

Commercial Disinfectant Services You Can Rely On

Any building. Any industry. We clean it ALL with just one call. Building owners come to us for the following professional commercial disinfectant services.

Covid Cleaning Services

We are your partners in keeping your guests, patients, patrons, and staff safe from the Covid-19 and its many variants. We provide customized Covid-19 disinfecting services to prevent the spread of the virus and give you peace of mind whenever you come to your building.

Office and Commercial

With different people coming in and out of commercial buildings every day, property managers face a unique challenge in keeping their office spaces clean. Our trained professionals understand the need for regular service cleaning that goes beyond basic sanitizing services.

Disinfecting and Sanitizing

Leveraging cutting edge technology, we deliver superior and effective disinfection service that kills germs and pathogens even in the most unsanitary conditions. Our solutions keep your property first-class and protect your people’s well-being.

Janitorial Services

Focus your time and energy on what matters most to your business. Let our team handle the cleaning and regular upkeep of your office. We ensure a smooth janitorial process that doesn’t disrupt your daily operations.

Why Choose Our Commercial Cleaning Services?

Years Of Experience

Over the years, we have acquired skills, knowledge, and meticulous commercial cleaning solutions for every office or facility from different industries.

Non-toxic Cleaning Solutions

You can trust that our solutions and methods are not toxic to humans as well as your business assets.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our goal is to make your business shine. Our positive client feedback shows how we clean and disinfect until we exceed customer satisfaction.

Highly-Trained Staff

We only hire cleaning professionals to keep your workspace safe and clean. They are trained, licensed, insured and bonded.

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Deeper Clean For A Healthier Workplace

Our mission is to help businesses maintain a healthier workplace. We are committed to providing a longer lasting clean and a healthier environment for your employees and customers.

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