Why should I trust HelpingHands?

We choose employees based on credentials. And believe me when we say, our employees are very passionate about what we do. All employees went through background checking, extensive training, and we do antigen or RT-PCR tests to ensure that everyone in the area is safe and healthy.

What Does Helping Hands Carpet Cleaning Service Do?

We remove visible and invisible stains We restore the natural look and texture of your commercial carpets We help you extend the life of your commercial carpets We reduce the spread of germs, mold and bacteria

Why Does One Hire Cleaning Companies?

Hiring professionals for cleaning services helps you have more time with the business side of things. Let us do the tedious work. Want to feel as relaxed as possible with our help? We have the cleaning supplies that are only available to our residential and commercial services. Our cleaning professionals align with us and

What Happens if You Don’t Clean Your Work Spaces

Dirty carpets are more than just an eyesore. It can also lead to other health concerns. Soiled carpeting can also trigger allergies and other respiratory diseases especially for offices where your employees spend most of their time.

Remember, you are responsible for providing your staff with a safe and sound working environment. This can also affect your business’s overall productivity.

Don’t let dirty commercial carpets stop your business growth. Call Helping Hands and let us do the cleaning for you.

What To Expect From Window Cleaning Companies Like Helping Hands?

Here’s what you can get if you hire professional window cleaning companies.

We remove dust and other air pollutants and toxins. You can schedule window washing service regularly.

We help you get value for money by extending the life of your windows. We use safe products that won’t break down the window film. We are licensed and insured window cleaners.

What is usually the call time for arrival?

Call time is usually 30 mins before the actual clean up of the house. This allows all employees to check all the spaces and see what needs to be done per area.

Do I need to provide your team with my own cleaning equipment or supplies?

No. We have all the quality cleaning supplies we need.

What cities do you service in?

Our commercial cleaning services are available in all Chicagoland areas, including the West Suburbs, Oak Park, Woodrige, and more. Check all our service area locations here.

Do you clean after special events?

We sure do! We don’t just help you prepare an event place clean, we can also offer restoration services after a special event. Just call us so we can discuss a customized package for you.

What are your payment options?

We accept cash in a sealed envelope (labeled with your name and address), checks and all credit cards (Visa, MC & Discover and AmEx). If you choose to pay by check, we ask that you leave the payment on the kitchen counter. Receipts will be emailed if requested. A $50.00 fee will be assessed for any checks returned by your bank. All prior balances must be cleared, before the next service.

Have more questions? Talk to an executive.