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Commercial Floor Care

Floors in an office or facility are subjected to heavy traffic and a lot of wear and tear. Most floors have thin coatings of polymer or wax finish to provide a glossy, reflecting appearance that can be repaired or improved with mechanical buffing. However, these finishes wear out with time. Helping Hands Cleaning Services can help maintain the coating and keep the underlying floor surfaces in good condition. Our commercial floor cleaning services in Chicago, and Elmhurst, IL, and its surrounding areas are committed to providing innovative hard floor cleaning solutions.

Why Choose Helping Hands Cleaning Services?

Experienced in Floor Cleaning

Helping Hands Cleaning Services is experienced in caring for floors in various large and small businesses, institutions, and organizations. Whether you have recurring issues with ground-in soil on hard floors or need janitorial services for your commercial space, we can deliver the job efficiently!

Knowledge and Proper Tools

Our highly trained cleaners have the knowledge and tools to make almost any surface shine. We inspect the property with attention to the smallest of details, ensuring that no stain or scuff mark goes missed.

Eco Friendly, Healthy Environment

We use cutting-edge cleaning equipment to eliminate dirt, dust, and other particles that can harm commercial surfaces. Our cleaning team uses high-quality, eco-friendly products to create a clean, healthy, and enjoyable working environment.

Bonded and Insured

We make sure every cleaner hired is subjected to a background check and ongoing training to guarantee the highest level of service to our customers. Our crew members are also required to be bonded and insured.

Why You Should Get Commercial Floor

1. Creates a Positive Impression

It’s important to have clean office flooring for showing a great picture of your business to visitors.

2. Proper Supplies

If you want your workplace floors to look flawless, you’ll need professional-grade hoovers, detergents, varnishes, and extractors. Ordinary mops and dusters won’t be enough.

3. Increases Productivity

An unhygienic environment can make employees sick. Our cleaning service will help create a healthy and safe workplace environment, thereby reducing absenteeism and encouraging higher productivity.

Types of Commercial Floor Cleaning Services


Our cleaners will use rapid, deep penetrating chemicals to loosen and strip the old finish off the floor and prepare it for recoating. These products will be eco-friendly. After stripping, we will apply an expert polymer-based finish that creates a barrier against traffic and soils. This provides the floor shine and makes maintenance easier.


If you have a regular cleaning contract with us, you can expect the strip and wax to last for a long time. After all, it’s easier to wash a clean floor than a dirty one! Regular cleaning usually involves combining burnishing or spray baffling with a deep clean. This improves the appearance of your floor and extends its life.

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